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Trends in second hand clothing market

The Second hand clothing market will  see an  increase due to the gobal recession of the economic . The consumption for second hand clothing will receive considerable attention with consumers across the gobal. This could be seen as a resale revolution.Lonies Dress for Les is playing its part in this revolution as a small thrift store . Whats your view on the trend Love to hear from you. 

Profile of myslelf

I'm a social , with over thirty years experience as a professional child care manager in a residential setting, working with children 6 -20 years, who are considered to be in need of care and protection. 

I have two adults daughters and one grand daughte,r and my grand puppy Truper. I love to create stuff,  do some garden,plan events, and take care of my family.

Lonies Dress for Les

Lonies Dress for Les  started 2013 as a hobby having regular garage sales. Out of that came the business idea for a thrift shop.The business was  registered a thrift shop 2018.  We sell new and slightly worn clothing for girls and women. All of the products are sought from overseas by a family member living there.

Lonies Dress for Les is still at the initial stage the store operation is managed by owner Margaret Loney with the assistance part-time by three family members.  The store is operated from home, located in Spanish Town St Catherine. the business hours are: -Saturday 10: am-5: pm,Sundays 1:pm-5:pm during the holiday’s season the hours are extended.

Lonies Dress for Les gives the customers the opportunity to buy quality brand recycled/new goods at an affordable price, in a friendly, hassle free environment. All items posted are one of its kind.

The prices of all the products available in the store are competitive with what is obtainable amongst thrift stores within my level. The products are mark-up at least 50 percent or more.

The sale price for the items is determine at my discretion this is based on the cost of what similar items is been sold for, the condition of the item, and the item’s potential value.

Payments can be made into my paypal account  pay /loney6.

Once receipt of payment is seen items will be send off to customer.

There is no refund on items sold all sales are final.

Our Charity

When customers supports Lonies Dress for Les  it helps us to carry out our social functions. As part of our social obligations Lonie Dress for Les, has develop a relationship with  a social oranganzation . Our initiatives is to sustain the organization over the long term . The focus is on health,education, socioeconmic, and job creation. When customers purchase at 

Email address*

For all your new and slightly worn brand clothing for girls and women Lonies Dress for Les is the place to shop

Lonies Dress for Les

Our goal for my website :

 1. Customer`s  will have the opportunity to read about the product offered online,to decide which product they woud like to purchase.

2.Giving people the option to order item via phone or email

3. Informing visitors where to find Lonies Dress for Les


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